Welcome to my blog ” Vegderful.com”

My name Sue, the lady behind this blog.

Gardening and Kitchen are my happy places.

Gardening give me a sense of joy, achievement and peaceful serenity.

It’s so Wonderful Growing your own Vegetables and nothing better than eating fresh , crunchy veggies everyday from your own backyard.

That where I come up with the blog name

” The combination of Vegetables + Wonderful = VegDerful.com”

Believe Me!

You don’t need green fingers to fill your backyard with all kinds of Abundant Leaves.

You just need a little love and enjoy when you dig up the soil with your hand.

I’ve been gardening for years in my tiny backyard, love growing vegetables, herb, and many more,
and tried to maximize the ability to produce as much food as I can from such a little area.

This blog is about sharing my own experiences and knowledge through research on a wonderful journey of vegetable & edible gardening along with growing your own food at home.

And do hope this will help you too.